Ham Rong mountain

Via Muong Tien to get to Sapa, in vapotous clouds travelers will see s mountain peak rising as dragon - head. It is Ham Rong mountain ( dragon - jaw mountain ) with 100 ha in area. The name of Ham Rong was derived from the legend tha, in primitive age there were a couple of dragon wich became attached to each otherwhile the deluge was rising high . Waking up , they hhurrily separated from each other but failed. They were driffted to different places. After a long time, the female dragon was petried but still tried to raise its eyes to the male dragon on the Hoang Lien Son mountain in the west because its instinct for survial remained
As going to Sapa , travelers often climb up Ham Rong mountain to enjoy a cool atmosphere and charming landscapes such as cloud ground, stone garden,garden of medical plants , especially the garde of various orchid and specific house on stilts of ethenic minorities. A great deal of rocks in shapes of dragon claws nad fin appear to our eyes and we think of being lost in wonderland . Following cliff will lead us to the Heaven Gate I and II . Standing on the peak you will enjoy particularly intresting landscapes