Lao Chai commune

Lao chai commue is 2.5 km a way from Sapa town and where the North of Lao Chai commue is closed to Sapa town and Sapa Commue : The East side of Lao Chai is close to Hau Thao commue , The West side of Lao Chai is near San Sa Ho commue . Lao Chai is on Muong Lay valley on the left - hand side and on the right- hand side.
Lao chai homestay

Lao Chai is mean " old village ". " Old farm ", or " old inhibitance". History ha proved that Mong ethnic people lived here long time ago, anfd Lao Chai was estabished by Ly ancestry and Giang ancestry . Thier living houses are very simple , but fields have been elaborately made by sweats and tears of many generation. Batter bat batter and cascade bay cascades ion the spring and the field leads to hillside . A suspension brigde connecting two bank of Muong Hoa spring also makes Lao chai more charming .The ancestries of Mong ethnic group are very good at maintianing thier culture rich in national traditions. National reseachers can find here many typical point of group structure, the orgaization of family, ancestry, culture, belief , and Mong costume